Inspirations for Youth has provided teen addiction treatment in a safe, supportive home-like environment where teens can begin to learn the new skills necessary for achieving a long lasting recovery.

We would like to share with you some heart-warming and frankly inspiring stories of hope from some of the teens that have successfully recovered from teen addiction after entering our program.

Hear from teens, parents and family members as they share their experience, strength and hope.

If you are an alumni of Inspirations and would like to share your own stories of addiction recovery please contact us.


December 2016

Teen in Inspirations rehab loves sober outings!

One of the most defining differences between Inspirations for Youth and Families Teen Rehab and other adolescent programs involves our robust recreational therapy program. Inspirations Teens are constantly on the go on a daily basis. [...]

November 2016

Teen says Inspirations is the best teen drug rehab!

Kristen petting a dog on our Boca PAL sober fun outing. During our recent involvement in the 2016 Boca PAL race, one of our Inspirations teens shared her thoughts on her treatment. Kristen [...]

October 2016

Teen shares how coming to a teen opiate rehab changed his life

"I learned that I can win from losing." Father Shawn performing at our bi-monthly talent show. Shawn is one of the many teens who fall to opiate addiction. Like many others, he began [...]

August 2016

Anger Management Teen shares how behavioral therapy helped him change

Addiction is not the only problem teens today have to struggle with. Many of clients enter Inspirations for seeking help for addiction. However we also offer help to teens that need behavioral therapy. Every once [...]

July 2016

Former teen addict shares how drugs lead her to steal from mom

Often, when a teen is abusing drugs, they will resort to anything to get high like stealing money from their mom. This was the case of Alyssa who is well on her way to recovery [...]

Colorado teen leaves state to treat marijuana addiction

Matthew receiving his Academic Excellence award. If you speak to a person who believes in legalized marijuana they will tell you it has not effected the people of Colorado. But one teen, who [...]

Teen rehab client recovers from heroin addiction

As more and more teens are using heroin and in many cases overdosing and dying, it is welcome news to hear a happy ending involving the deadly opiate. One teen at Inspirations overcame her severe [...]

June 2016

Teen shares why Inspirations was the key to his addiction recovery

Cooking was one of Austin's favorite activities while at Inspirations. Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) have helped many teens reclaim their life from drug or alcohol addiction as well as mental behavioral issues. [...]

April 2016

Marijuana rehab teen testimonial

Although Samantha seems like your average everyday teen she suffered from self medication by abusing marijuana. What sent me here was behavior and the use of weed at the same time. When I was using all I [...]

Teen reflects on why his past attitude landed him in drug rehab

Out of all the teens we have helped very few become return guests of our program. Scott is one of the few that has relapsed and had to be re-admitted to our teen drug rehab. [...]

Teen leaving drug rehab talks to teens

Teen successfully completing drug rehab gives speech to teens Chad, one of our teens we brought to Inspirations for Youth and Families through an intervention, gave a speech to our teens. He was leaving our [...]

March 2016

Inspirations teen shares her road to addiction recovery story

Madison and Educational Director Denise Achee My Road to Addiction Recovery By: Madison S. So let me guess, you are between the ages fourteen and eighteen. You hate your life, yourself, and most [...]

January 2016

Teen in drug treatment shares why rehab was worth it

Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) drug treatment program has helped many teens and their families create a newly educated life around living and staying sober. Our program has taught many teens the coping skills [...]

December 2015

Inspirations family therapy brought a teen and his family closer

At Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) the family plays a very vital role in a teen’s recovery. Many of our teens arrive at Inspirations unable to communicate effectively with their family. By involving the [...]

November 2015

Inspirations was my home away from home

I am Cheyenne and I am an addict. Growing up I knew my mom was sick. In November of 1998 a year after I was born my mother was diagnosed with Crohns Disease, a chronic [...]

September 2015

Teen in recovery shares how drug rehab will change your teen

Inspirations for Youth and Families had the opportunity to help aid and guide an amazing teen away from the reins and control of drugs. During her time here Kammie was able to go from being [...]

I discovered my potential during my stay at IYF teen rehab

At our IYF teen rehab drama therapy treatment program has shown to increase self confidence, provide personal fulfillment and teaches great coping skills to our teens. We have even seen more engagement from our teens during [...]

June 2015

Talented teen in rehab uses mom as inspiration for a rap song

Using music therapy as a part of the recovery process is known to create internal balance, motivation, drive creativity and lift spirits of the clients who participate. Our teens had the opportunity to visit Debonaire [...]

Drug addiction treatment helped me to find myself again

Katherine found yoga uplifting during her drug addiction treatment Inspirations Addiction Treatment At Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) we strive to treat teens suffering from drug addiction and other mental health issues. The profession calls [...]

Troubled teen started using coke at ten years old

Justin R. was a client and troubled teen at Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) teen rehab. He worked really hard for one hundred days and has beaten his several deadly addictions. Justin’s addiction to drugs [...]

Drug rehab helps teen gain clarity after psychedelic drug haze

“Saving dreams, restoring lives” is not just a catchy tagline used at Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF). It is the genuine result of the hard working staff and willing clients who have overcome their [...]

May 2015

Teen talks about willingness to get addiction treatment

A majority of teens suffering from addiction rarely see the damages that using drugs have had on their health, relationships and future. The decision to receive addiction treatment often stems from the adult or guardian [...]

April 2015

Teen Vicodin Overdose Rehab Success Story

Here is a teen vicodin overdose rehab success story we love to hear: When 15-year-old Lane snuck out of her house and got into her car on Christmas Eve, she had no intention of taking 22 [...]

Teen talks about her heroin addiction almost ruining her life

Alicia posing with the owners of IYF. Known for her impeccable fashion and friendly demeanor most people wouldn't even guess that Alicia once suffered from a frightening heroin addiction. She discovered heroin after experimenting with pills and [...]

Escaping the “Assembly Line” Drug Rehab

Teen learns about nutrition and creates "Jazz it Up Juice" for others to try. Drug rehabs and recovery  The journey to teen sobriety is often a long and weary one and for most adolescents [...]

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