Recreational Therapy in Teen Addiction Treatment

Recreational Therapy in Teen Addiction Treatment 2017-01-03T14:45:32+00:00

Teen rehab in recreational therapy

Inspirations Recreational Therapy for Teen Addiction Treatment

Recreation and physical activity is a necessary activity for Teen Addiction Treatment. It encourages team work and reinforces skills the Teens are discussing in therapy. Inspirations provides recreation and physical activity or exercise on a daily basis. Inspirations uses the facilities of our neighborhood Teen Recreation Center, football fields, soccer fields, indoor and outdoor basketball, heated swimming pool, kick ball, acquariums and various instructional classes. Inspirations also provides a variety of extended recreation opportunities including outings to our local parks, beaches, concerts, professional baseball and football games.

Horse Retreats

Teen Girl at Inspirations for Youth Teen Rehab with horse

Beach Outings



Sea Aquariums

Aquarium of boy


Basketball Teens


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