Teen shares her surprising before and after testimony of teen drug rehab

"I really lost myself in the process of drug use and wanted to start my life anew." Molly before and after her 90 days in treatment. Inspirations teen drug rehab helps teens lost in the haze of substance abuse and defiant behavior find a healthy new life. We have treated many teens and [...]

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Teen shares why Inspirations was the key to his addiction recovery

Cooking was one of Austin's favorite activities while at Inspirations. Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) have helped many teens reclaim their life from drug or alcohol addiction as well as mental behavioral issues. Many teens come to us feeling troubled and alone but leave knowing they will always have a home away from home [...]

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Mom doesn’t wait to give teen drug rehab program rave reviews

Crystal and her mom during a visit. Inspirations teen drug rehab parent testimonial “Everything is so much better than before my daughter Crystal entered Inspirations for Youth and Families teen drug rehab. I am very proud of the hard work she has put in while at Inspirations. I see a big change in [...]

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Teen graduate thanks IYF youth rehab for help

We recently got the chance to speak with teen graduate Helena about her recent graduation, future plans and overall experience at Inspirations for Youth and Families. Scott: “While you’ve been here you’re working on your school and what happened today?” Helena: “They held a graduation ceremony for me. Which was very surprising and I enjoyed [...]

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Graduate in teen rehab shares his thanks to Inspirations

IYF Teen Rehab  Inspiration for Youth and Families (IYF) distinguishes itself from others as a teen rehab through its unique approach to teen addiction treatment. We offer individualized care that ensures each teen is getting the deserved attention and proper care they deserve. Each client under goes an assessment to properly understand what issues and assistance [...]

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