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Popular addiction author recognizes Inspirations Teen Rehab

Author N.K. Wilson shares why she thinks Inspirations is so great "If my family and myself had this kind of support when I was 15, 10 years of pain and destruction could have been avoided. Well done Inspirations for all your hard work." - N.K. Wilson, published author N.K. Wilson is a popular addiction author who [...]

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Teen shares how Inspirations addiction treatment changed him

Evan's Inspirations for Youth and Families addiction treatment testimonial Evan was a teen client at Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) who has decided to share his experiences while he was here for addiction treatment. While at Inspirations for Youth and Families he was able to successfully recover from his addiction and establish a healthy relationship [...]

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Family searched until they found the perfect fit at Inspirations

Parents say Thanks You When looking for a behavioral drug and alcohol rehab for my daughter I did a lot of research and all the things I was looking for pointed to Inspirations for Youth and Families. They have a great therapists, a phenomenal location, a strong educational academy, and they take the kids on [...]

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Graduate in teen rehab shares his thanks to Inspirations

IYF Teen Rehab  Inspiration for Youth and Families (IYF) distinguishes itself from others as a teen rehab through its unique approach to teen addiction treatment. We offer individualized care that ensures each teen is getting the deserved attention and proper care they deserve. Each client under goes an assessment to properly understand what issues and assistance [...]

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Parent advocates for more recovery programs like Inspirations

Mother thanks Inspirations and its recovery programs: "I am so thankful for Inspirations and ALL the staff who has worked with Brandon, and so many other children.  We need more programs like this to save our kids." - Theresa, mother of a teen in  Inspirations for Youth and Families recovery programs. View all our testimonials from parents [...]

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Former teen addict says thanks to Inspirations

A former teen addict says thank you to Inspirations staff: "The people here changed my life and I couldn’t be more thankful. Just having people here with an open ear listening to me, from the counselors who took the time to pull me aside and talk to me when I was crying, when I didn’t know [...]

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Inspirations believed in me during my addiction recovery

"Well I made a couple bad choices on the way here. I pretty much self-sabotaged myself a lot. I could have succeeded if I just tried but I couldn't believe in myself. With all these people [Inspirations staff] telling me that I could be doing so much more with my life I really wanted to [...]

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IYF Quote: Recovery client glad to be in teen rehab

"I was smoking weed and lying. My grades started falling to F’s because I was getting high everyday and I was fighting with my parents all the time." "I am very glad my parents brought me here (Inspirations for Youth and Families teen rehab)." "The staff is chill and I’m already changing. I plan to [...]

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