Repairing Trust in the Parent Teen Relationship during Recovery

Repairing Trust in the Parent Teen Relationship during Recovery Trust is tough. It’s never the same once it is broken. It is the elephant in the room. The elephant that no one wants to see or mend. It can mean the difference between permanent recovery and relapse. However tough their exterior, make no mistake; they [...]

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MADD speaks to Inspirations on Teen Drunk Driving

Inspirations for Youth and Families teen alcohol rehab invited Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) to its treatment center to speak to the teens. MADD presented a series of teen drunk driving accident videos to the Inspiration's teens. And MADD also touched on the dangers of underage drinking in their presentation. Like how alcohol interferes with [...]

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Healthy Teen Development Life Skills

Parents often wonder whether their teens are developing all the skills they need to be successful in life. In response, we have provided you with ten life skills necessary for healthy teen development. Ten critical Life Skills for Healthy Teen Development 1. Motivation to reach Personal Goals: Teens need to learn motivational life skills to [...]

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Top 10 Drugs Teen’s Abuse

Throughout the nation high school seniors are celebrating their graduations over the next few weeks. But what should be a joyous occasion can quickly turn into a nightmare for a teen and family if drug or alcohol use spirals out of control - as it often does during high school graduation. In a freshly minted [...]

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The Powerful Influence of Celebrities on Teen Drug Use

At Ultra Music Festival where celebrities, teens, and molly are pervasive   Celebrities now have more of an influence on teens than ever before. A major factor in why celebrities are more influential today has to do with the rise of media consumption as well as the increased use of mobile devices. In [...]

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Inspiration’s Teen Drug Rehab Dining Experience

Inspirations teen drug rehab dining provides freedom, flexibility, and just plain good food While most teen drug and alcohol rehabs serve their teens cafeteria style meals where breakfast, lunch, and dinner take place at set times and the clients do not have a say in what they want to eat, Inspirations for Youth and Families gives their teens [...]

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Teen leaving drug rehab talks to teens

Teen successfully completing drug rehab gives speech to teens Chad, one of our teens we brought to Inspirations for Youth and Families through an intervention, gave a speech to our teens. He was leaving our teen drug and alcohol rehab after successfully working hard on his recovery. Watch him in action on this YouTube video [...]

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A non drug user’s perspective on drug addiction

A different view on drug addiction By Guest Blogger Deborah Devillers I have done a lot of research about drug addiction especially among the youth. I learned that lots of teens do drugs as a result of many external factors such as the stress, pressure, and insecurities that are part of being a teen and [...]

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What parents should know about teens and social media

Inspirations for Youth and Families owner Karen Corcoran-Walsh sat down with teenage blogger to gain her insight on back to school anxiety, peer pressure and also what parents should know about teens and social media. Being “popular” or “cool” still feels like it is one of the most important priorities you can have as a teen, even in today’s modern society. [...]

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