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Inspirations Youth teens proud treatment center was featured on Dr.Phil

Inspirations for Youth and Families co-founder, Karen Corcoran Walsh and CEO, Dr.James Hughes were invited to the Dr.Phil show as guests on the Emmy award winning show this week. This wasn't our first time being on the show. In 2012, Karen was asked to share her expertise on addiction treatment with his guests and national television [...]

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Teens in rehab share what they are most thankful for

As we get closer and closer to our Thanksgiving preparations, we took the time out to ask our teens in rehab what were some things they were thankful for. We got a range, of answers that were both heart warming and full love. Thanksgiving is a time to appreciate what you have. Here is what [...]

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Why self-love is such an integral part of teen addiction recovery

How can a teen achieve self happiness? One of the most important parts to help teen addiction recovery remain successful and long lasting is the power of mental health. While in treatment many teens do not get the proper help they need to be mentally healthy. Inspirations for Youth and Families provides treatment for not [...]

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