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Inspirations’ Teens Graduate High School while at Rehab

Inspirations teen drug rehab presents our first 2017 Inspirations Academy graduates! Inspirations graduates Bryce and Kammi. This past week Inspirations' teens graduate high school while at rehab. Two of our teens enrolled in the Inspirations Academy program have successfully graduated high school. In honor of their achievements, Inspirations staff held a personal graduation ceremony for [...]

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The relationship between teen addiction and eating disorders

"Half of all people with eating disorders also abuse drugs or alcohol." -National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse Teen addiction and eating disorders often occur together. Half of all people with eating disorders also abuse drugs or alcohol, according to the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse. This interchangeable relationship begins when one disorder replaces [...]

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Popular addiction author recognizes Inspirations Teen Rehab

Author N.K. Wilson shares why she thinks Inspirations is so great "If my family and myself had this kind of support when I was 15, 10 years of pain and destruction could have been avoided. Well done Inspirations for all your hard work." - N.K. Wilson, published author N.K. Wilson is a popular addiction author who [...]

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Teen says Inspirations is the best teen drug rehab!

Kristen petting a dog on our Boca PAL sober fun outing. During our recent involvement in the 2016 Boca PAL race, one of our Inspirations teens shared her thoughts on her treatment. Kristen a teen suffering from drug and alcohol abuse has been to several teen drug rehabs. Although she has sought help [...]

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1 in 4 families has at least one member with a mental disorder

1 in 4 families has at least one member with a mental disorder. Teen Mental Disorder Treatment Inspirations Teen Rehab provides treatment for teens struggling with mental disorders and behavior issues. Our teen behavior  programs along with our educational program take teens out of their immediate environment. Here peer pressure and other negative influences cannot interfere [...]

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Inspirations teen rehab encourages teen’s talents

This past week Inspirations for Youth and Families held a talent show to exhibit the talents of our teens as well as to build their self-esteem. We invited fellow teens as well as Inspirations teen rehab staff members to watch our teens unveil all their hidden talents. Inspirations teen rehab performances We had various memorable [...]

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Approximately one in five adolescents has a diagnosable mental disorder

Approximately one in five adolescents has a diagnosable mental disorder, such as depression and/or anxiety disorders. Teen Mental Health The signs of a mental disorder are not always obvious. Although to cope with their disorder most teens turn to drugs and self medication instead of professional help. Inspirations hybrid treatment plan of handles drug abuse [...]

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The importance of a home contract in your teen’s drug recovery

What is a home contract? The most important time during your teen’s drug recovery will be when they return home from receiving addiction treatment. In preparation for their return home a plan must be in place to help them transition smoothly into everyday life. The home contract outlines what is expected of both you and [...]

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How to prevent mental relapse during addiction recovery

Maintaining sobriety during addiction recovery is a skill that requires dedication to succeed. The road to clean living is taunted by many things and can easily be hindered. Keeping a stable and healthy mental condition will ensure you stay with your goal of being clean. These tips will help you to stay sober during addiction recovery: [...]

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What traits to look for in an addiction sponsor

An important part of recovery is finding a reliable source of strength and counsel that can help guide you through living sober. This mentor style relationship is very common in recovery circles and is called a sponsorship. What is an addiction sponsor? An addiction sponsor is a person who will help those new to recovery [...]

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