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Former teen molly addict shares how Inspirations helped him changed

"I learned that I can have fun being sober instead of having fun using drugs." Many view molly as a recreational drug and not the truly addictive substance it really is. It has garnered a name for being a "party" drug but what many do not know about this designer drug can hurt them. Ryan was [...]

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Teen says Inspirations is the best teen drug rehab!

Kristen petting a dog on our Boca PAL sober fun outing. During our recent involvement in the 2016 Boca PAL race, one of our Inspirations teens shared her thoughts on her treatment. Kristen a teen suffering from drug and alcohol abuse has been to several teen drug rehabs. Although she has sought help [...]

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Anger Management Teen shares how behavioral therapy helped him change

Addiction is not the only problem teens today have to struggle with. Many of clients enter Inspirations for seeking help for addiction. However we also offer help to teens that need behavioral therapy. Every once in a while we treat a teen who needs help managing their  behavior and emotions that has become unmanageable. Greg is [...]

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Former Inspirations teen shares how we helped her recover

Former Inspirations teen Sinclaire shares how she's changed! My name is Sinclaire. I went to Inspirations back in 2011! Rose was my therapist, and I really will say that her, and Inspirations, changed my life. It was NOT easy nor was it an easy choice to finally go but I am glad I did and [...]

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Teen in recovery shares how drug rehab will change your teen

Inspirations for Youth and Families had the opportunity to help aid and guide an amazing teen away from the reins and control of drugs. During her time here Kammie was able to go from being a self induced loner with a terrible attititude to a very personable and confident young lady. Kammi enters drug rehab [...]

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IYF teen rehab alumni shares her recovery journey

Throughout the years Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) has helped and reached out to many teens seeking treatment for substance addiction or mental behavioral issues. One of our alumni teens Keylee had this to say about her recovery journey at Inspirations: "I am so thankful for this gift from two of the most inspirational [...]

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Drug addiction treatment helped me to find myself again

Katherine found yoga uplifting during her drug addiction treatment Inspirations Addiction Treatment At Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) we strive to treat teens suffering from drug addiction and other mental health issues. The profession calls this dual diagnosis. Our clients often report that since undergoing IYF's individualistic approach to drug addiction treatment, they have found a [...]

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Troubled teen started using coke at ten years old

Justin R. was a client and troubled teen at Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) teen rehab. He worked really hard for one hundred days and has beaten his several deadly addictions. Justin’s addiction to drugs started at the young age of ten and has been something he struggled with until his recent stay at IYF. [...]

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IYF Quote: Inspirations saved me from my drug addiction

“I started with pot then I did vyvanse, LSD, and other pills. Inspirations saved me from my addiction. The staff and my primary therapist were very nice and had so much compassion.” Austin, a teen here at Inspirations for Youth and Families in our youth drug addiction program.

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Diabetes and teen drug abuse – A deadly mix

Consuming drug and alcohol can greatly affect the blood glucose level of someone with diabetes. The feeling or state of being on drugs or alcohol described by diabetes patients very closely resembles the feeling when their blood sugar levels are low. This feeling often leads people to be unaware of when their sugars are actually [...]

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