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Teen shares how Inspirations drug treatment center shaped his future

Inspirations' Drug Treatment Center hold Career Days for Teens After taking part in a job exposition with Pathways 2 Work, Justin a teen at Inspirations Drug Treatment Center became motivated to shoot for his goal of a career in Psychology. So he plans to graduate from high school. And then attend a four-year university majoring in psychology. Helping [...]

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Inspirations Cocaine Addiction Treatment Program gets teen back in Track

Inspirations former teen in recovery shares how our cocaine addiction treatment program helped him get his life back. Raymond showing off his decorated pancakes. Meet Raymond! Inspirations for Youth and Families has helped many teen addicts and their families to overcome addiction and live a more positive and healthy lifestyle. Raymond is one [...]

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Teen shares why Inspirations teen rehab is the best for teen addiction treatment

Inspirations teen rehab has made a name for itself in the teen addiction treatment field with its diverse program. The Inspirations program believes that no two teens are alike and that every addict is different. With that in mind, each teen undergoes an individual assessment to create a treatment plan tailor-made to their specific needs. [...]

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Teen in Inspirations rehab loves sober outings!

One of the most defining differences between Inspirations for Youth and Families Teen Rehab and other adolescent programs involves our robust recreational therapy program. Inspirations Teens are constantly on the go on a daily basis. Whether it is paintball or a simple trip to the beach the teens not only enjoy these outings but believe [...]

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Teen shares how coming to a teen opiate rehab changed his life

"I learned that I can win from losing." Father Shawn performing at our bi-monthly talent show. Shawn is one of the many teens who fall to opiate addiction. Like many others, he began experimenting with drugs at a young age after it was prescribed to him. Up until he was admitted to Inspirations [...]

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Inspirations teen rehab client shares her weekly phases during treatment

In this podcast hosted by Educational Director, Denise Achee and Inspirations' Creative Expressions Coordinator, Donovan Ortega we get an in depth yet comical perspective of a teen's journey through the rehabilitation process. This concept was created by one of the teens, Kammi, who within her testimonial described her thought process each week in treatment. Although very funny this [...]

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Teen shares how cocaine addiction treatment made him happy again

"I feel way happier. I am happy again" The Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) teen rehab treatment center has made a name for itself by saving teen's lives from addiction. Teens from all over the United States enter our drug addiction program with severe drug addiction and leave renewed and happy. We just interviewed a teen [...]

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Former teen addict shares how drugs lead her to steal from mom

Often, when a teen is abusing drugs, they will resort to anything to get high like stealing money from their mom. This was the case of Alyssa who is well on her way to recovery now. Inspirations for Youth and Families is known for taking its teen addict clients and returning them to their former [...]

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Inspirations teen rehab taught me compassion

Drug Alcohol Rehab gave Inspirations client compassion Derek receiving his Academic Excellence certificate. "I would isolate from everyone. I wouldn’t talk to anybody I had a lot of anger and just negative energy inside me."  -Derek, Inspirations for Youth and Families drug and alcohol rehab client. Inspirations for Youth and Families drug and [...]

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Teen shares why Inspirations was the key to his addiction recovery

Cooking was one of Austin's favorite activities while at Inspirations. Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) have helped many teens reclaim their life from drug or alcohol addiction as well as mental behavioral issues. Many teens come to us feeling troubled and alone but leave knowing they will always have a home away from home [...]

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