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Inspirations teen drug rehab helps another teen to realize her potential

Here is Karlee holding one of her many graphs! At Inspirations for Youth and Families, a teen drug rehab, one of our many goals besides helping teens to successfully recover from addiction is to foster their dreams and aspirations. Many teens come at a time in their life that is very crucial for their [...]

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Former IYF rehab teen shares her thanks

Former IYF rehab client says Thanks You! "I'd like to thank IYF Inspirations for everything they did for me while I was there. If it wasn't for you guys I would be in a jail, institution, or dead. You helped me find myself for who I truly was. You gave me hope when I didn't have [...]

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A teen in rehab shares all he has learned in addiction treatment

"I know I messed up a couple of times and I did things I wasn’t supposed to do but I learned from this. It made me see what I was doing to my parents and the pain I was putting them through and that’s not what I want to do." "That’s one thing I can [...]

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