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Popular addiction author recognizes Inspirations Teen Rehab

Author N.K. Wilson shares why she thinks Inspirations is so great "If my family and myself had this kind of support when I was 15, 10 years of pain and destruction could have been avoided. Well done Inspirations for all your hard work." - N.K. Wilson, published author N.K. Wilson is a popular addiction author who [...]

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The real effects of drug abuse on teens

Unfortunately the youth of today often experiment with a variety of substances. This continuous drug abuse eventually leads to drug dependence or addiction. The teenage drug culture is growing rapidly with the most abused drugs being marijuana, vicodin, amphetamines and cough medicine. We all know drugs can seriously affect a teen’s health however there are [...]

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Inspirations teens try aromatherapy as an alternative treatment

Shannon creating her lotion using lavender, sweet orange and rosemary oil. Our teens at Inspirations for Youth and Families recently got the chance to try their hand at aromatherapy as an alternative treatment. Essentials oils were the very first form of medicine used to cure a wide range of ailments. Modern medicine is the [...]

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Mother of Inspirations teen vouches for out-of-state drug rehab

Sue, Scotty's mother Sue is the mother to our most recent Inspirations drug rehab testimonial teen Scotty Roberston. Scotty came to Inspirations in seek of treatment to defeat his addiction and start living a more healthy and sober life. The choice to send her teen to an out-of-state drug rehab was a difficult but necessary [...]

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Inspirations proudly supports the Broward Police Benevolent Association

Inspirations for Youth and Families is a proud sponsor and supporter of the Broward County Police Benevolent Association. The Broward County Police Benevolent Association (BCPBA) is an association to promote professionalism among law enforcement. They strive to also protect the rights and privileges of individual employees, deputies, sworn law enforcement officers or civilian employees. BCPBA [...]

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Why outpatient services may not be a good first choice for addiction?

For parents seeking addiction treatment for their teens outpatient services may not be your immediate answer. Treating addiction is a serious matter that needs their undivided attention and determination. If you are looking to end your teen's addiction the best step would be to find an in-patient or residential treatment center. What is outpatient care? Outpatient care [...]

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What you need to know about the online teen drug culture

Whether or not we would like to admit it the truth is that the media plays a huge role in our perception on how life should be. With the rapid growth of social media and the youth’s need to connect with others being met almost instantaneously, the media's messages can have a great impact on [...]

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A teen in rehab shares all he has learned in addiction treatment

"I know I messed up a couple of times and I did things I wasn’t supposed to do but I learned from this. It made me see what I was doing to my parents and the pain I was putting them through and that’s not what I want to do." "That’s one thing I can [...]

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I discovered my potential during my stay at IYF teen rehab

At our IYF teen rehab drama therapy treatment program has shown to increase self confidence, provide personal fulfillment and teaches great coping skills to our teens. We have even seen more engagement from our teens during drama sessions. One of our teens Ben, is a phenomenal actor and has shown great improvement through drama therapy. You [...]

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Coming Soon…IYF Teen Rehab supports Recovery Month

National Recovey Month September is National Recovery Month – All over the country people will celebrate the strength and dedication it takes to journey through recovery. This month serves to remind those in recovery why they started this journey and to inform others about recovery. This movement informs everyone that: Recovery is possible for everyone [...]

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