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It’s Sober Fun in the Sun for Teen Drug Rehab on Memorial Day

Memorial Day with Inspirations Teen rehab Inspirations' prides itself on being one of the only teen rehabs to emphasize sober fun outings in their treatment. In most facilities teens are bogged down daily with the same therapeutic routine and environment. Inspirations decided to take their teens out to a state park on Memorial Day and [...]

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What is Oppositional Defiant Disorder and does your teen have it?

What is Oppositional Defiant Disorder? Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) is a  behavioral disorder described as displaying an ongoing pattern of defiant, disobedient, and hostile behavior. This disorder begins in early childhood or adolescence. When children exhibit signs of this disorder it is often seen as a "phase." Although it is tiring to deal with a [...]

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Adolescent Substance Abuse Rehab helps Teen’s Plan for their Future

Teen substance abuse rehab Inspirations for Youth and Families helped our teens in treatment to plan for their future. With so many of our teens entering treatment at critical ages, such as 15-17, Inspirations reached out to the college prep and career guidance expert Mindy Sherman from Pathways 2 Work. Mindy's agency specializes in presentations and [...]

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Inspirations Addiction Therapy includes Cooking

Inspirations teens celebrate Easter with delicious snacks! Inspirations teen rehab kicked off Easter by learning how to make a delicious desert. Our kids are taught how to make this colorful and fun treat for themselves and to share it with others. As part of the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), Inspirations offers - cooking has proven to [...]

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The relationship between teen addiction and eating disorders

"Half of all people with eating disorders also abuse drugs or alcohol." -National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse Teen addiction and eating disorders often occur together. Half of all people with eating disorders also abuse drugs or alcohol, according to the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse. This interchangeable relationship begins when one disorder replaces [...]

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Inspirations celebrates another year with National School Choice Week

Inspirations teen rehab honors education with National School Choice Week IYF teen rehab celebrates the choice of education with National School Choice Week The National School Choice Week (NSCW) is held every January to raise awareness for the various types of educations options that are available for children today. Choices in education include public schools, [...]

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Popular addiction author recognizes Inspirations Teen Rehab

Author N.K. Wilson shares why she thinks Inspirations is so great "If my family and myself had this kind of support when I was 15, 10 years of pain and destruction could have been avoided. Well done Inspirations for all your hard work." - N.K. Wilson, published author N.K. Wilson is a popular addiction author who [...]

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Inspirations Drug Rehab Teens volunteer at 2016 Boca PAL 5K run

Inspirations teen drug rehab sponsors Boca PAL for fourth consecutive year Chris and Karen Walsh at our Inspirations Bocal PAL booth. Inspirations for Youth and Families sponsors the Boca Police Department again for their annual 5k Run and half marathon. The Boca PAL road race is the biggest race in Boca Raton. Inspirations has been [...]

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In 2012, 18.3% of high school seniors in the United States had used hookahs

In 2012, 18.3% of high school seniors in the United States had used hookahs. Teens and Hookahs This research was done after the surge of hookahs being used all over the world. This increase has been notably done by young adults and teens. Within the U.S. a survey done by Monitoring the Future found that [...]

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From Xtreme Action Parks to the Seminole Indian Reservation Inspirations knows sober fun!

Inspirations Teens take sober fun trips to Xtreme Action Park, Seminole Indian Reservation, and Secret Woods Nature Center! Inspirations for Youth and Families is known as a treatment center unlike any other. What sets us apart is our teens spend their time here going on sober fun trips. As an owner of IYF, Karen Corcoran [...]

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