Teen Rehab Testimonial

Mother spends over 60 hours researching teen rehab to find Inspirations

Elliot is one of our most memorable teens at Inspirations teen rehab. During his time here staff recalled him to be helpful and always engaging in our sober fun activities. Elliot came to Inspirations as a teen struggling with marijuana abuse. He took his time opening up to our program but once he did he [...]

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Colorado teen leaves state to treat marijuana addiction

Matthew receiving his Academic Excellence award. If you speak to a person who believes in legalized marijuana they will tell you it has not effected the people of Colorado. But one teen, who entered Inspirations teen drug rehab can refute that claim. Matthew, a resident of Colorado, became addicted to marijuana. And he [...]

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Teen shares how Inspirations behavioral tech helped her recovery

Many families reach out to Inspirations for Youth and Families to help in returning them to the child they have lost to drug or alcohol addiction. Through family sessions our primary therapists work together with teens and their family to rebuild the relationship destroyed by drug abuse. One often overlooked piece of the recovery puzzle is [...]

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IYF teen client shares why she loved staying here for recovery

Cheyenne was a former client of Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) who after completing our program has given us another awesome testimonial!  As a IYF teen client she was able to make a successful recovery and continues to uphold a sober lifestyle. She shares what she loved about her stay here and how recovery [...]

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Teen takes 4 day bus drive to enter Inspirations Teen Rehab

Since Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) teen rehab draws teens from all parts of the nation and world for that matter, it is common-place for clients to fly in to the teen treatment center. But for Stanley, his journey to the teen treatment center was a little more arduous. He traveled for four days [...]

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