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The importance of teen addiction education in rehab

Education is the first true indicator that something is going on with your child. As parents, we begin to take notice that our child’s behavior has changed when grades arrive and we see a dramatic drop in their performance, it confirms our suspicions that something is not alright.   The questions arise in our minds, are [...]

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Inspirations celebrates another year with National School Choice Week

Inspirations teen rehab honors education with National School Choice Week IYF teen rehab celebrates the choice of education with National School Choice Week The National School Choice Week (NSCW) is held every January to raise awareness for the various types of educations options that are available for children today. Choices in education include public schools, [...]

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Inspirations teen rehab hits the gym hard

Inspirations for Youth and Families teens work-out at a state-of-the-art gym three days a week and here's why: We believe physical fitness plays an integral part of a teen's recovery from addiction. And are often neglected by other programs. At Inspirations we encourage and educate our teens on the importance of eating healthy and exercising regularly. Strong [...]

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Inspirations teen rehab beat summer heat with refreshing smoothie!

The Inspirations for Youth and Families how to is back with a simple and healthy smoothie recipe! As a part of our teen rehab Nutritional Course our students are taught how to prepare easy and tasty meals. This week we tackle the summer heat with a refreshing watermelon smoothie. Naturally our teens were also taught the health benefits of [...]

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