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Inspirations Addiction Therapy includes Cooking

Inspirations teens celebrate Easter with delicious snacks! Inspirations teen rehab kicked off Easter by learning how to make a delicious desert. Our kids are taught how to make this colorful and fun treat for themselves and to share it with others. As part of the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), Inspirations offers - cooking has proven to [...]

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From Xtreme Action Parks to the Seminole Indian Reservation Inspirations knows sober fun!

Inspirations Teens take sober fun trips to Xtreme Action Park, Seminole Indian Reservation, and Secret Woods Nature Center! Inspirations for Youth and Families is known as a treatment center unlike any other. What sets us apart is our teens spend their time here going on sober fun trips. As an owner of IYF, Karen Corcoran [...]

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Inspirations teen rehab IOP program releases Ice cream Recipe

Shawn is lactose intolerant and created his own ice cream from coconut milk instead! To beat the summer heat, Inspirations teen rehab's IOP program had its teen clients learn how to make ice cream! This lesson was taken straight from our Nutritional Course. Our nutritional and life skills course was developed to help our teens understand [...]

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Inspirations teen rehab beat summer heat with refreshing smoothie!

The Inspirations for Youth and Families how to is back with a simple and healthy smoothie recipe! As a part of our teen rehab Nutritional Course our students are taught how to prepare easy and tasty meals. This week we tackle the summer heat with a refreshing watermelon smoothie. Naturally our teens were also taught the health benefits of [...]

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After other rehabs Inspirations treatment center saves teen

Former teen rehab client speaks to teens about his own recovery! Inspirations teen rehab have had a lot of success in helping teens successfully overcome their addiction. Scotty came to Inspirations after years of abusing drugs and had sought out treatment on multiple occasions from other drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers. "I've been to a lot [...]

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Teen in drug rehab writes a poem on addiction and it went viral!

Inspirations for Youth and Families always encourages the teens in our drug rehab to try new and healthy activities that promote a sober lifestyle. We offer sober fun outings, activities and many types of therapies to foster coping skills the teens can use at home. One of our teen's Shannon expressed an interest in writing [...]

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Teens in rehab create unique pizza recipe!

Our teens in rehab at Inspirations for Youth and Families are back and have created a brand new recipe all by themselves! With all the nutritional facts and information they have learned our teens decided to try and create a meal that was healthy, tasty and quick. As a part of our educational program Inspirations [...]

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Inspirations teen rehab participates in Broward School’s program

In honor of the 3rd Annual Take Five to Stay Alive student video contest organized by Broward County our teen rehab clients at Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) have created an outstanding Public Service Announcements (PSA's). These videos help to promote the popular slogan for safe driving “Take 5 to Stay Alive – Don’t [...]

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How to Tie Dye by Inspirations teen drug rehab

  Inspirations teen drug rehab girls are back again with another group session of Tie Dye. This time we had two volunteers come together to show us how they created their tie dye t-shirts and pillow cases. As a part of our art therapy program we help our teens express what is on their mind [...]

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Inspirations Nutrition course whips up parfaits!

The Inspirations for Youth and Families Life Skills and Nutrition course brings you their newest recipe for a Parfait! In this course our teen girls are not only taught the nutritional benefits of eating properly but how to prepare delicious and healthy meals for themselves and others. Our recipe ranges from breakfast, snacks and lunch [...]

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