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Teens sign on to Drug Addiction Art Therapy Project

  Before Karen Corcoran Walsh was a lightning rod in the teen recovery profession as the owner of Inspirations for Youth and Families - the premier teen addiction treatment center - she was a school teacher. Karen is living proof that you can't take the school teacher out of the addiction professional. Recently, Karen dusted [...]

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Teen in rehab shares the most important thing he learned

Our teen drug and alcohol recovery program at Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) strives to help our clients overcome their addiction and also to continue living in sobriety after leaving treatment. Coping skills are a huge part of living a sober life. We teach various techniques and skills our clients can use throughout their lives. IYF [...]

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Former teen addict says thanks to Inspirations

A former teen addict says thank you to Inspirations staff: "The people here changed my life and I couldn’t be more thankful. Just having people here with an open ear listening to me, from the counselors who took the time to pull me aside and talk to me when I was crying, when I didn’t know [...]

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The state of teen alcohol and substance abuse

As one of the leading teen addiction treatment centers in the United States, Inspirations for Youth and Families conducts a measurability study based on the clients entered into our program. The age, gender, and types of substances used are analyzed to provide an informative assessment on the impact of teen substance abuse and drug trends. [...]

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Teen talks about his recovery from spice addiction

“I smoked all the time and drank heavily. I even got into smoking a lot of spice and abusing inhalants. I dropped out of school to keep doing drugs and I was also disappearing from my house for days at a time. Finally I sat down with my mom and we agreed that treatment was [...]

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Inspirational quote on finding friends in addiction recovery

“I started out smoking pot then tried shrooms (mushrooms that cause hallucinations), acid, other psychedelics and even drinking. I was getting all these [drugs] from my old friends. My parents caught me inhaling the computer duster and then my parents sat me down and told me I was going to get help and I agreed. [...]

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Teens on alcohol and drugs are susceptible to human trafficking

At Inspirations for Youth and Family we pride ourselves in offering our teens in rehab educational and beneficial opportunities. We invited Michael Barbieri, Crime Investigation Expert at PDI Investigations Inc. to speak to our youth about the International Human Trafficking black market. Within this session Mike also talks about the different fields the agency covers, [...]

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Diabetes and teen drug abuse – A deadly mix

Consuming drug and alcohol can greatly affect the blood glucose level of someone with diabetes. The feeling or state of being on drugs or alcohol described by diabetes patients very closely resembles the feeling when their blood sugar levels are low. This feeling often leads people to be unaware of when their sugars are actually [...]

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We got the juice!-Teens in rehab create Jazz it up juice

Why create a juice? For the final week of National Nutrition Month our students learned about the popular health trend juicing and the health benefits it provides. As a part of Inspiration’s renowned educational program this week’s  educational activity challenged teens to create healthy juices for themselves, fellow clients and staff. The teens [...]

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Teen recovery stories we love!

Teen Recovery Stories We all love stories that melt our heart, bring tears to our eyes or just give us a good giggle. Here is a compilation of teen recovery stories written by the teens themselves. These are also typical assignments we give our teens in our highly regarded teen rehab Educational Program. The first story [...]

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