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Teen IOP program creates how to video for ice cream recipe

Our IOP teens Julianna and Alexis showing how to demonstrate. A few months back our IOP program teens shared their awesome and easy ice cream recipe! The blog was so popular among our social media profiles our teens decided to create a fun how-to video. By the same token, explaining how easy and [...]

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Inspirations teen rehab IOP program releases Ice cream Recipe

Shawn is lactose intolerant and created his own ice cream from coconut milk instead! To beat the summer heat, Inspirations teen rehab's IOP program had its teen clients learn how to make ice cream! This lesson was taken straight from our Nutritional Course. Our nutritional and life skills course was developed to help our teens understand [...]

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Inspirations Youth rehab teens cooks up an omelet with a twist!

The Inspirations for Youth and Families youth rehab Life Skills and Nutrition course brings you their newest culinary endeavor Egg Omelet Burritos! This course teaches our teens the nutritional benefits of eating properly. We teach our teens how to create easy and extremely hearty meals they can make themselves and for others. Our youth rehab course [...]

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A healthy recipe for teen drug rehab recovery

At our teen drug rehab and as a part of our Nutritional Learning and Life Skills program our teens are taught how to create healthy and nutritional meals and snacks. Recently, we have delved into smoothies and juices but this week we decided to mix things up and create and teach our teens how to [...]

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