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Teen Youtube phenom recovering from marijuana addiction

Teen Youtuber recovers from Marijuana Addiction at Inspirations teen rehab At Inspirations for Youth and Families many talented teens enter our behavior health facility. We have had musicians, poets, fashion designers, actors and athletes come to Inspirations. Our goal is help these teens struggling with drug abuse and mental disorders. With dual diagnosis we are able to really help [...]

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There were 700,993 marijuana arrests in 2014.

There were 700,993 marijuana arrests in 2014. Teen Marijuana Addiction Addiction no matter the substance often lead to arrests and even time spent in jail. In 2014 there were 700,993 marijuana arrests. If your teen is addicted to marijuana get them help before its too late. If your teen has let Marijuana control their life, [...]

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The real effects of marijuana on the teenage brain

Photo Credit to http://realitycheckworks.org/ While many are arguing the legality of marijuana one important part left out of this conversation would be how these choices will affect our teens. The effects of marijuana on an adult mind and a teenage mind differ drastically. As our youth are still developing it is important to [...]

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