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Teen drug rehab girls create awesome treats for Easter!

The teen girls of Inspirations for Youth and Families came together again to create these tasty rice krispy treats in the Easter spirit. Our teen drug rehab girls learned this delicious recipe during our Life Skills and Nutrition course. This course highlights to our teens skills they need in order to create their own nutritious meals. [...]

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Inspirations Youth rehab teens cooks up an omelet with a twist!

The Inspirations for Youth and Families youth rehab Life Skills and Nutrition course brings you their newest culinary endeavor Egg Omelet Burritos! This course teaches our teens the nutritional benefits of eating properly. We teach our teens how to create easy and extremely hearty meals they can make themselves and for others. Our youth rehab course [...]

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Teens in drug and alcohol rehab cook up delicious burritos

Our teens of Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) drug and alcohol rehab are back at it and have learned to prepare another fantastic and tasty recipe! From our educational program’s Life Skills & Nutrition course our teens were taught how to create delicious and healthy burritos. This kind of activity helps to reinforce what [...]

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Teens in rehab program create healthy meals

As a part of the Inspirations for Youth and Families Nutritional and Life Skills course the teens in our rehab program are taught how to create healthy and fulfilling meals. They have learned how to make smoothies, cookies and now soup! These recipes are taught as hands on approach to nutrition and allow the teens in [...]

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