teen intervention

Will an intervention or addiction treatment really save your teen?

When it comes to drugs and getting your teen back on the right track how can you be sure that you are making the choice? An intervention and treatment are the most logical choices. The choice of which rehab center and who performs an intervention is often what matters when saving your teen. How an Intervention [...]

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Preparing when your teen returns from drug rehab

Preparing your teen to return from drug rehab Parent's checklist for teen returning from drug rehab Seven things parents should prepare for before their teen returns from drug rehab Listen to the Podcast below By Dr. James Hughes, CEO of Inspirations for Youth and Families Teen Rehab 1. Attend Out-Patient Therapy - Parents [...]

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8 tips for planning a successful teen intervention

Interventions often are what convince addicts to come forward and receive recovery treatment or help. Unless carefully planned and executed it can also become what drives an addict away from getting help and living sober. A good treatment center like Inspirations for Youth and Families usually will have a staffed interventionist, whose job is to fly [...]

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