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How does Inspirations use Yoga as therapy for teens?

Inspirations for Youth and Families offers our teen' clients a variety of therapeutic options including but not limited to group, individual, music, art and yoga therapy. We believe that in addition to traditional therapeutic options this diverse range of therapy will help our teens to build successful coping skills they can use anywhere. Yoga Therapy Yoga is [...]

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IYF teens express their gratitude!

With Thanksgiving around the corner the Inspirations for Youth and Families staff has been working hard at incorporating this month’s theme into the teen’s everyday sessions. November is a month notable for being thankful for all that life has given us. With that said for this month our theme was “Gratitude”. Candy Scarecrow: One of [...]

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Girls at drug rehab create inspirational poem!

As a part of our treatment program teens attend group and individual therapeutic sessions daily in our Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center. Teens have the opportunity to work on coping skills, accountability, respect, morals and ethics, stress management, anger management, solution oriented thinking and planning, and various therapeutic modalities. Individual treatment plans are created, addressing [...]

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