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The importance of a home contract in your teen’s drug recovery

What is a home contract? The most important time during your teen’s drug recovery will be when they return home from receiving addiction treatment. In preparation for their return home a plan must be in place to help them transition smoothly into everyday life. The home contract outlines what is expected of both you and [...]

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Inspirations Youth provide teens freedom to grow

Madison is one of the many teen success stories that has happened here at Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF). She like many others teens fell deeply into drug abuse and addiction. Madison is a kind and talented young lady we had the pleasure of helping. We wish her the best on her journey in [...]

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Does being a parent of the teen addict mean you are a failure?

Being a parent to a child who suffers from addiction is hard and often leaves you asking is it my fault? Am I a failure? As a parent it’s easy to internalize and blame yourself for what may be happening to your teen but this is not your fault! These tips will help you and [...]

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Mother’s touching thank you to Inspirations

A mother's thank you to Inspirations: "Yay!! Cole is all done with High School and is attending Florida State this fall! He really is doing great, he attended a conference this past weekend in Tampa called Students With Diabetes. All kids were either going to or in college. He really learned a lot! Still can't thank [...]

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