teen drug and alcohol abuse

In 2014, an estimated 679,000 adolescents age 12–17 abuse alcohol

In 2014, an estimated 679,000 adolescents age 12–17 abuse alcohol Teen Alcohol Abuse Teens who abuse alcohol have a very serious problem and must receive immediate help. To some, the occasional beer at family gatherings or at house parties may not seem like a big deal. However, early and continuous consumption of alcohol is a [...]

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Teens in drug and alcohol rehab bake Christmas treats!

With the Christmas season upon us our teens in drug and alcohol rehab baked Christmas themed treats for their fellow clients and Inspirations for Youth and Families staff. Our drug and alcohol rehab clients were taught how to prep, cook and decorate these treats as a part of our Nutritional program. Many of our teens [...]

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Teens on alcohol and drugs are susceptible to human trafficking

At Inspirations for Youth and Family we pride ourselves in offering our teens in rehab educational and beneficial opportunities. We invited Michael Barbieri, Crime Investigation Expert at PDI Investigations Inc. to speak to our youth about the International Human Trafficking black market. Within this session Mike also talks about the different fields the agency covers, [...]

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