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Reaching teens with drug addiction at Warped Tour

    Jordan Meyers (center) holds up words of encouragement with a band from the Warped Tour. The Warped Tour is a traveling rock festival that has attracted thousands of concertgoers, for decades. This year,  Inspirations For Youth and Families is utilizing the tour for reaching teens with drug addiction. We have taken part [...]

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The Power of Recreational Therapy in Drug Addiction Treatment

  Teens learn the importance of drug-free fun while at Inspirations. Are activities like going to the beach, horse back riding or attending music concerts really useful during drug addiction treatment? Are there actual benefits of recreational therapy in drug addiction treatment? “Recreational therapy is extremely important because it teaches our youth that they [...]

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Teen shares why Inspirations teen rehab is the best for teen addiction treatment

Inspirations teen rehab has made a name for itself in the teen addiction treatment field with its diverse program. The Inspirations program believes that no two teens are alike and that every addict is different. With that in mind, each teen undergoes an individual assessment to create a treatment plan tailor-made to their specific needs. [...]

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One in five teens think it’s okay to abuse prescription drugs

One in five teens think it's okay to abuse prescription drugs. Teen Prescription Drug Abuse  Inspirations provide a team of qualified and caring prescription drugs addiction treatment professionals, offering a prescription drug addiction treatment program. In addition, the program is designed around a positive environment to boost the teens' self-esteem and produce long-term results. Our [...]

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4 things not to do when raising a drug addicted teen

Finding out your beloved teen has a drug addiction and how to properly seek them help is a challenging task for even the most prepared parents. There is an array of different methods to raising your drug addicted teens. Here are the top four things you should NOT do. Guilt trips Although this may seem like [...]

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