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Learn how stress can turn to teen drug abuse

Is your teen stressed? You need to know because they could easily turn to teen drug abuse experts say. As a parent you know adolescence is a very stressful and confusing time. Today's youth have a lot to handle often times turning to drugs as a way to cope. Many teen drug abuse cases begin for this [...]

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Inspirations teen rehab taught me compassion

Drug Alcohol Rehab gave Inspirations client compassion Derek receiving his Academic Excellence certificate. "I would isolate from everyone. I wouldn’t talk to anybody I had a lot of anger and just negative energy inside me."  -Derek, Inspirations for Youth and Families drug and alcohol rehab client. Inspirations for Youth and Families drug and [...]

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Teens in Inspirations drug addiction program put a creative spin on Easter!

Our teens in the Inspirations for Youth and Families drug addiction program are getting ready to celebrate Easter with a twist! During one of our recent art therapy sessions our teens were tasked with decorating Easter eggs. The teens took this seemingly typical task and created an interesting spin on the assignment by creating fun [...]

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How to stop enabling the addict in your life?

Being the parent, family member or even the friend of an addict is an overwhelming and emotional job. You hate to stand by and watch as a person you love self sabotages and destroy's themselves. Often times loved ones are caught between what role they should play and how to treat the addict in their life. [...]

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Teen girls in rehab program take on Zumba!

Every Thursday the teen girls  in our rehab program get ready to take on the trendy and fun Latin inspired aerobic workout known as Zumba. Our girls are being taught these awesome moves by Zumba veteran Natalia. Zumba Fitness with Natalia Natalia is a former accountant turned Zumba instructor who has been teaching for six years. Her [...]

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