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Inspirations give teens the tools to fight drug addiction

Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) is a teen drug rehab that helps drug addicted teens to live a newly sober and educated life. Our drug addiction program also works in tandem with the families of our teens clients to provide a positive and healthy drug free environment at home. The Inspirations' youth rehab program is [...]

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In 2011 41,340 deaths in the US were due to drug overdose

In 2011 41,340 deaths in the US were due to drug overdose Teen drug overdose An overdose is the overtaking of a substance such as drugs or alcohol.This over consumption causes the body to become unresponsive and causes a lack of oxygen to flow throughout the body. Some symptoms of an overdose include the lips [...]

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The truth about teen molly abuse

It seems as though more and more people today know about the drug molly but do they truly know of its deathly consequences. What exactly is molly? Molly is a fairly new designer drug that has gained its popularity from being the feel good drug to try at parties, concerts and festivals. It has been marketed [...]

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