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10 common behavioral signs of teen addicts

The signs of addiction are very hard to identify and often misread. There is no perfect way of identifying whether your loved one is an addict but these behavioral signs can help to identify if they may need help for addiction. 10 common behavioral signs of teen addicts: 1. Chronic depression Teens exhibiting chronic signs [...]

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Inspirations teen shares her road to addiction recovery story

Madison and Educational Director Denise Achee My Road to Addiction Recovery By: Madison S. So let me guess, you are between the ages fourteen and eighteen. You hate your life, yourself, and most of all you hate your parents. Oh, and you are fine. There is no problem with yourself and your actions, [...]

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Teen rehab client shares how he feels about being in drug rehab

Teen Rehab Testimonial Elliot is a teen rehab client of Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) who was asked what did he expect to encounter at a teen rehab facility and about being a teen in rehab. “I didn’t really have any idea really what to expect when I came here but, honestly it’s pretty awesome. [...]

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Does being a parent of the teen addict mean you are a failure?

Being a parent to a child who suffers from addiction is hard and often leaves you asking is it my fault? Am I a failure? As a parent it’s easy to internalize and blame yourself for what may be happening to your teen but this is not your fault! These tips will help you and [...]

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Is your teen is a drug addict?

Most parents whether their teen has been acting out lately or has recently become distant wonders if their teen has tried drugs. Some teens have hide their drug use so well parents could never have guessed their teens were suffering from such a problem. Inspirations for Youth and Families have complied a quiz based on [...]

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