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Teen Anxiety 6 quick and easy ways to cope

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association for America, Anxiety will effect one in eight children as they grow into adults. More and more teens are being diagnosed with mental disorders such as depression and anxiety. To help those who are struggling to cope Inspirations has created a list of easy and quick ways teens [...]

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Teen girls in rehab share their favorite coping skills

Coping skills are methods a person uses to deal with overwhelming and stressful situations or emotions. These skills like any other require practice to develop, but will become easier overtime. There are many forms of coping skills that can be used to help with an array of mental health disorders like anxiety and depression. Inspirations [...]

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How to identify your addiction triggers?

What is a trigger? In the world of addiction a trigger is a person, place, or event that reminds us of a reason which to use. For example, an alcoholic may get triggers from being bored or even seeing a liquor store on the way home, all addicts have triggers. These addiction triggers are often [...]

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Teens in drug addiction recovery share coping skills

According to Sydney Youngerman-Cole, RN, BSN, RNC and Katy E. Magee, MA, "Many mental health problems begin when physical stress or emotional stress triggers chemical changes in your brain. The goal of treatment and prevention is to reduce stress and restore normal chemical processes in your brian." Coping skills are methods a person uses to [...]

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