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Inspirations Launches a Drama Therapy Youtube Channel

Inspirations Drama Therapy Inspirations Arts is a program that has been in development for the last year. What stared as an experiment in art therapy lead to a new program. A program with the intention of fostering a vibrant community of young, motivated creators. "It can be challenging to get teenagers with drastically different backgrounds and skill [...]

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Teen in drug rehab writes a poem on addiction and it went viral!

Inspirations for Youth and Families always encourages the teens in our drug rehab to try new and healthy activities that promote a sober lifestyle. We offer sober fun outings, activities and many types of therapies to foster coping skills the teens can use at home. One of our teen's Shannon expressed an interest in writing [...]

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Teens in Inspirations drug addiction program put a creative spin on Easter!

Our teens in the Inspirations for Youth and Families drug addiction program are getting ready to celebrate Easter with a twist! During one of our recent art therapy sessions our teens were tasked with decorating Easter eggs. The teens took this seemingly typical task and created an interesting spin on the assignment by creating fun [...]

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Recreational therapy drug rehab decorates Christmas tree

  With Christmas being a week away our teens at Inspirations drug rehab were in the holiday spirit and decorated ornaments for our Inspirations for Youth and Families Christmas tree. The holidays tend to be a very melancholy time for those in treatment especially teens. However, Inspirations for Youth and Families had a great day of festive [...]

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Teens in rehab express themselves through art therapy

Here at Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) our teens are exposed to a very wide range of therapeutic treatments. Some of these therapies include music, yoga, family and art therapy. With our individualized treatment plan we provide our clients with best forms of therapy to suit their needs. Our clients are often beginners or [...]

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Teens in rehab create collages during Art Therapy

Art Therapy At Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) we allow teens to use art as a means to express themselves. Art is a very expressive form of therapy that our clients often enjoy and look forward to. Art therapy encourages self discovery and is a great form of coping. IYF’s art therapy includes drawing, painting, [...]

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