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MADD speaks to Inspirations on Teen Drunk Driving

Inspirations for Youth and Families teen alcohol rehab invited Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) to its treatment center to speak to the teens. MADD presented a series of teen drunk driving accident videos to the Inspiration's teens. And MADD also touched on the dangers of underage drinking in their presentation. Like how alcohol interferes with [...]

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Inspirations teen rehab taught me compassion

Drug Alcohol Rehab gave Inspirations client compassion Derek receiving his Academic Excellence certificate. "I would isolate from everyone. I wouldn’t talk to anybody I had a lot of anger and just negative energy inside me."  -Derek, Inspirations for Youth and Families drug and alcohol rehab client. Inspirations for Youth and Families drug and [...]

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What is a good age to talk to your child about alcohol abuse?

In honor and with the culmination of Alcohol Awareness month in April, Inspirations for Youth and Families decided to tackle the big question many parents torture themselves about - “What is a good age to talk to your child about alcohol abuse?"  While the subject of alcohol abuse is over shadowed by drug abuse, many [...]

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Inspirations teen rehab welcomes another musical prodigy

At Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) teen rehab we encourage our clients to participate in productive hobbies or learn a skill. With this in mind many of our teens opt for our music therapy sessions. During music therapy our teens get the opportunity to express themselves in a productive and healthy manner. Some of [...]

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The benefits to out-of-state rehab treatment

For those seeking rehab treatment whether for themselves or loved ones it is best to choose one that is out of state. Especially to the parents and guardians of teenage addicts this applies. Although there are many reasons to fear sending your teen away there are many positive benefits by choosing an out-of-state rehab treatment center. Out of [...]

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