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Mother shares teen addiction recovery testimonial

"Demetrio had been to two other residential facilities and never lasted more than a month. But at Inspirations, I knew he was well-taken care of and looked after. The staff, especially Lopez and Denise, helped him adjust and feel comfortable."  After returning home from Inspirations For Youth and Families, a teen named Demetrio has changed [...]

Does Tough Love work in Teen Addiction Treatment?

Karen Corcoran Walsh panelist on Addiction 911 - Does Tough Love Work in Teen Addiction Treatment? Karen Corcoran Walsh was a featured panelist on the Addiction 911 Facebook Live show. Corcoran Walsh appeared on the episode Tough Love: Does it Really Help the Addict? The addiction treatment center owner joined other top addiction professional panelists to answer questions [...]

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Inspirations’ Teens Graduate High School while at Rehab

Inspirations teen drug rehab presents our first 2017 Inspirations Academy graduates! Inspirations graduates Bryce and Kammi. This past week Inspirations' teens graduate high school while at rehab. Two of our teens enrolled in the Inspirations Academy program have successfully graduated high school. In honor of their achievements, Inspirations staff held a personal graduation ceremony for [...]

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Inspirations Youth teens proud treatment center was featured on Dr.Phil

Inspirations for Youth and Families co-founder, Karen Corcoran Walsh and CEO, Dr.James Hughes were invited to the Dr.Phil show as guests on the Emmy award winning show this week. This wasn't our first time being on the show. In 2012, Karen was asked to share her expertise on addiction treatment with his guests and national television [...]

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The importance of teen addiction education in rehab

Education is the first true indicator that something is going on with your child. As parents, we begin to take notice that our child’s behavior has changed when grades arrive and we see a dramatic drop in their performance, it confirms our suspicions that something is not alright.   The questions arise in our minds, are [...]

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Inspirations teen drug rehab pass the love on Valentines Day

Inspirations teen drug rehab celebrates Valentines Day Inspirations teens Sarah and her pancake design. At Inspirations teen drug rehab spending the holiday in treatment isn't the dull and mundane experience it may be at other treatment centers. Being away from friends and family is one of the hardest parts of treatment, especially when a [...]

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Teen shares her surprising before and after testimony of teen drug rehab

"I really lost myself in the process of drug use and wanted to start my life anew." Molly before and after her 90 days in treatment. Inspirations teen drug rehab helps teens lost in the haze of substance abuse and defiant behavior find a healthy new life. We have treated many teens and [...]

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5 steps for self-forgiveness during teen addiction recovery

Once recovery begins a former teen suffering from drug addict can see and think clearly about the life and the choices that she or he has made. Many begin to experience guilt as they recall their poor decision making. But, surprisingly, guilt is a healthy emotion and can be very useful for teen addiction recovery. This [...]

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Drug and street terms you may want to know: Eight ball

Drug and street term: Eight ball To better inform everyone, we had a round table discussion with our Inspirations for Youth and Families teen rehab clients about drug and street terms everyone may want to know. The definition below is based on collective information gathered from our treatment center teens and online research. Eight ball (n.) [...]

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5 Dangerous and Crazy ways Teens are getting High

       Some teens smoke Twix to get high When it comes to getting high teens have come up with some crazy and in some cases dangerous ways to alter their mindset. It is important to understand that we are reporting on this subject in order to educate parents about all aspects of teen [...]

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