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Boss replaces stolen bike for teen in recovery

The transition of Spencer from his drug abuse up until his recovery. Inspirations have helped numerous teens overcome drug abuse and start a healthy addiction recovery journey. Every so often we have a teen who returns to give their thanks and spread their knowledge with teens who are in a place they once [...]

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Why self-love is such an integral part of teen addiction recovery

How can a teen achieve self happiness? One of the most important parts to help teen addiction recovery remain successful and long lasting is the power of mental health. While in treatment many teens do not get the proper help they need to be mentally healthy. Inspirations for Youth and Families provides treatment for not [...]

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5 steps for self-forgiveness during teen addiction recovery

Once recovery begins a former teen suffering from drug addict can see and think clearly about the life and the choices that she or he has made. Many begin to experience guilt as they recall their poor decision making. But, surprisingly, guilt is a healthy emotion and can be very useful for teen addiction recovery. This [...]

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Drug Rehab Center Paintball

Inspirations for Youth and Family Drug Rehab Center plays paintball We recently took the Inspirations for Youth and Family teen girls to Extreme Paintball and now it was the teen boys turn. It was an eventful day for the boys as the played four games and learned how to work as a team, take instruction, [...]

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Addiction Recovery: Four ways to prevent emotional relapse

During addiction recovery it is very hard for some teen addicts to maintain their sobriety especially with the triggers of everyday life. Staying sober throughout drug addiction recovery is a skill all addicts must develop and requires patience and dedication. Keeping your emotions under control and stable will help make your recovery journey smoother. Here are 4 [...]

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How to prevent mental relapse during addiction recovery

Maintaining sobriety during addiction recovery is a skill that requires dedication to succeed. The road to clean living is taunted by many things and can easily be hindered. Keeping a stable and healthy mental condition will ensure you stay with your goal of being clean. These tips will help you to stay sober during addiction recovery: [...]

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Helena’s final song of goodbye to Inspirations youth rehab

Today we say our final good bye to one of our many talented teens Helena. Many of you may have seen Helena’s many talents when she was performing in our Inspire Talent Show or our Shakespearean inspired play. Throughout her stay at our youth rehab she was able to achieve many of her personal goals and [...]

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Teen in recovery shares how drug rehab will change your teen

Inspirations for Youth and Families had the opportunity to help aid and guide an amazing teen away from the reins and control of drugs. During her time here Kammie was able to go from being a self induced loner with a terrible attititude to a very personable and confident young lady. Kammi enters drug rehab [...]

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4.1% of students in the 12th grade are abusing DXM

DXM or Codeine Syrup Ststistics As of 2014 approximately 4.1% of students in the 12th grade are abusing DXM or Codeine Syrup. Over the counter drugs (also known as OTC’s), have become an increasing problem for teens, parents and businesses, due to the growing popularity for teens trying to get high and teen drug abusers. [...]

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35% of 12th grade teens use marijuana in the year 2014

Marijuana Abuse Statistics 35% of 12th grade teens use marijuana Marijuana has grown more and more popularity with teens all around the nation. With its legalization for medical and recreational there are more cases of teen marijuana abuse. However, the most important thing being forgotten is the effects of marijuana on the teenage brain. Inspirations for [...]

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