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Inspirations teen drug rehab pass the love on Valentines Day

Inspirations teen drug rehab celebrates Valentines Day Inspirations teens Sarah and her pancake design. At Inspirations teen drug rehab spending the holiday in treatment isn't the dull and mundane experience it may be at other treatment centers. Being away from friends and family is one of the hardest parts of treatment, especially when a [...]

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4 Back to school drug-free tips for teens

Adolescence is a time of many changes both positive and negative. For those who have suffered from substance abuse and are now assimilating back into life the challenge of growing up can become twice as hard. One of the most difficult parts for teens when returning from treatment is going back to school. For some [...]

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Inspirations teen rehab hits the gym hard

Inspirations for Youth and Families teens work-out at a state-of-the-art gym three days a week and here's why: We believe physical fitness plays an integral part of a teen's recovery from addiction. And are often neglected by other programs. At Inspirations we encourage and educate our teens on the importance of eating healthy and exercising regularly. Strong [...]

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7 things you can expect when admitted to Inspirations teen rehab

For many addicts - teen and adults alike - the anxiety of entering a rehab is often bigger than the anxiety of not going at all. Even those who voluntarily accept to the terms of attending our teen rehab tend to have a little apprehension about their stay. These fears do not stem from not [...]

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Marijuana rehab teen testimonial

Although Samantha seems like your average everyday teen she suffered from self medication by abusing marijuana. What sent me here was behavior and the use of weed at the same time. When I was using all I thought about was I don’t want to do this. I procrastinated more. Since her admittance to Inspirations marijuana rehab program [...]

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4 things not to do when raising a drug addicted teen

Finding out your beloved teen has a drug addiction and how to properly seek them help is a challenging task for even the most prepared parents. There is an array of different methods to raising your drug addicted teens. Here are the top four things you should NOT do. Guilt trips Although this may seem like [...]

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Vocational school speaks to drug treatment teens

Once again the drug treatment teens of Inspirations for Youth and Families were visited by the encouraging Dr.Darling from Sheridan Technical College (STC). Our drug treatment teens were able to discover STC’s diverse curriculum provided options into very lucrative career paths. They have an array of majors from welding to internet security. STC offers career [...]

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Inspirations teens in rehab serve up a delicious breakfast!

Teens in Rehab serve up a delicious breakfast! Once again our teens in rehab at Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) learned a new and hearty recipe as a part of our Nutritional and Life Skills course. Through this course our teens in rehab have been taught how to cook the following items for themselves [...]

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Teens in drug rehab program take a creative spin on short story

Inspirations drug rehab program Inspirations for Youth and Families has a premiere teen drug rehab program that is known especially for its unique take on education while in treatment. Unlike the run of the mill teen drug rehab program Inspirations offers schooling and education aid for its client in treatment. Along with their individualized treatment [...]

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Mother’s touching thank you to Inspirations

A mother's thank you to Inspirations: "Yay!! Cole is all done with High School and is attending Florida State this fall! He really is doing great, he attended a conference this past weekend in Tampa called Students With Diabetes. All kids were either going to or in college. He really learned a lot! Still can't thank [...]

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