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Teens in rehab learn coping skills from Tai Chi expert

Tai Chi expert in recovery teaches coping skills to teens in rehab Mike demonstrating proper Tai Chi form with a IYF teen. This past week our teens in rehab were taught a few coping skills by our community Tai Chi Master, Mike Kaplan. This exercise served to teach our teenage boys how to [...]

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Inspirations teen rehab encourages teen’s talents

This past week Inspirations for Youth and Families held a talent show to exhibit the talents of our teens as well as to build their self-esteem. We invited fellow teens as well as Inspirations teen rehab staff members to watch our teens unveil all their hidden talents. Inspirations teen rehab performances We had various memorable [...]

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Teens at Inspirations try two new sober fun activities!

In the field of teen alcohol and drug abuse treatment very often teens are hauled off to assembly line rehab centers. These rehabs are famous for their disproportionate amount of clients to therapists’ ratio. Another distinguishing fact about these rehabs is their lack of a stimulating environment. While receiving treatment is helpful so is preparing your [...]

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A healthy recipe for teen drug rehab recovery

At our teen drug rehab and as a part of our Nutritional Learning and Life Skills program our teens are taught how to create healthy and nutritional meals and snacks. Recently, we have delved into smoothies and juices but this week we decided to mix things up and create and teach our teens how to [...]

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