From Teen Substance Abuse Rehab to Rock Star

An amazing story about a teen, who beat the odds by joining a rock band right after a successful stay at a substance abuse rehab and now is on the road to sober stardom. "Change is hard, although for some it may seem easy. If you're addicted to crack, stay out of crack homes. If [...]

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Inspiratons and local recovery community get together for NOPE service

Teens in rehab and local recovery community honor those lost to addiction with a NOPE vigil Our teens performing together with the local recovery band.   What is NOPE? Narcotics Overdose Prevention and Education (NOPE) consists of community leaders, and families who have lost loved ones to drug-related deaths, came together to help [...]

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Teen leaving drug rehab talks to teens

Teen successfully completing drug rehab gives speech to teens Chad, one of our teens we brought to Inspirations for Youth and Families through an intervention, gave a speech to our teens. He was leaving our teen drug and alcohol rehab after successfully working hard on his recovery. Watch him in action on this YouTube video [...]

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Addiction Recovery: Four ways to prevent emotional relapse

During addiction recovery it is very hard for some teen addicts to maintain their sobriety especially with the triggers of everyday life. Staying sober throughout drug addiction recovery is a skill all addicts must develop and requires patience and dedication. Keeping your emotions under control and stable will help make your recovery journey smoother. Here are 4 [...]

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5 Things you should never say to a recovering teen addict!

Recovery is a constant up and down hill battle. The words you use to a recovering teen addict can have a disastrous impact on their recovery. Your compliments or criticisms can be a source of motivation or discouragement. Statements you consider harmless could influence your recovering teen to do their best or relapse. Here are some [...]

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Four tips to help your teen stay sober for the New Year

The New Year as a former addict or alcoholic often brings its own set of challenges that parents should bear in mind. From being in a tempting atmosphere to repeatedly explain why they are refusing to participate in activities that will leave them under the influence. The New Year and its festivities often provide a [...]

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