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Coming Soon…IYF Teen Rehab supports Recovery Month

National Recovey Month September is National Recovery Month – All over the country people will celebrate the strength and dedication it takes to journey through recovery. This month serves to remind those in recovery why they started this journey and to inform others about recovery. This movement informs everyone that: Recovery is possible for everyone [...]

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Our talented teen in rehab Christian shares how he changed

Most of  you have seen Christian and his amazing talents in our newly launched ITV Music Playlist on YouTube.  As a part of his treatment as a teen in rehab Christian has been taking part in music therapy, which he uses to express his emotions. While here at Inspirations he has gotten the opportunity to learn [...]

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My Disease a poem from a grateful former teen addict

This touching poem from a client of Inspirations for Youth and Families describes what it is like to have an addiction.This poem explains why this teen was using drugs and also about how they are  grateful to be clean. Told from the perspective of a former teen addict who is grateful for the chance to be someone better and [...]

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Inspirational quote on finding friends in addiction recovery

“I started out smoking pot then tried shrooms (mushrooms that cause hallucinations), acid, other psychedelics and even drinking. I was getting all these [drugs] from my old friends. My parents caught me inhaling the computer duster and then my parents sat me down and told me I was going to get help and I agreed. [...]

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