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80% of people who use heroin report first misusing prescription opioids

80 percent of people who use heroin report having first misused prescription opioids. Prescription opioids, heroin and teen drug abuse Heroin is a highly addictive mind-altering substance. It is also classified as an opioid drug. Opioids are drugs that are chemically similar to endorphins, which the body naturally makes to relieve pain. Some of the [...]

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One in five teens think it’s okay to abuse prescription drugs

One in five teens think it's okay to abuse prescription drugs. Teen Prescription Drug Abuse  Inspirations provide a team of qualified and caring prescription drugs addiction treatment professionals, offering a prescription drug addiction treatment program. In addition, the program is designed around a positive environment to boost the teens' self-esteem and produce long-term results. Our [...]

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Teen who suffered from prescription abuse shares beautiful poem

Poetry has been a very vital tool for many of our teens as they learn to cope with sobriety. Along with a range of other coping skills we teach our teens that they are able to correctly deal with their problems in life. From music to art we instill our teens with healthy activities they [...]

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