Repairing Trust in the Parent Teen Relationship during Recovery

Repairing Trust in the Parent Teen Relationship during Recovery Trust is tough. It’s never the same once it is broken. It is the elephant in the room. The elephant that no one wants to see or mend. It can mean the difference between permanent recovery and relapse. However tough their exterior, make no mistake; they [...]

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Healthy Teen Development Life Skills

Parents often wonder whether their teens are developing all the skills they need to be successful in life. In response, we have provided you with ten life skills necessary for healthy teen development. Ten critical Life Skills for Healthy Teen Development 1. Motivation to reach Personal Goals: Teens need to learn motivational life skills to [...]

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Parents know the warning signs of Teenage Depression

Teenage depression isn't just bad moods and the occasional melancholy blues - it's a serious problem that impacts every aspect of a teen's life. Teen depression can lead to drug and alcohol abuse, self-loathing, self-mutilation, pregnancy, violence, and even suicide. Recent surveys indicate that up to three million teenagers in the United States alone suffer [...]

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Teen Cutting Self Harm – What parents need to know?

Courtesy of Tumblr By definition, Teen self-harm refers to hurting oneself to relieve pain or distress. The most common forms of this behavior are Teen Cutting and Burning. The least common forms are pulling out bodily hairs, punching walls and ingesting toxic substances or sharp objects. teen cutting Many of our adolescents today [...]

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