5 Parenting tips you need to use now

Being a parent is a tough job that requires lots of patience and the ability to adapt. As your child grows you will need to adjust your parenting to find what works best to ensure they grow up happy and healthy. This is especially true if your teen is abusing drugs and alcohol. These are 5 [...]

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What to do when substance abuse surfaces in your family

Addiction is a nefarious disease that once it has taken root it becomes extremely hard to remove. Whether it is the heroin epidemic or alcohol abuse as a nation we have a problem. The end result is families are left confused on what to do when addiction rears its ugly head in the household. There are many [...]

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Top 6 excuses parents use to get their teens into rehab

Getting your teen into rehab can be one of the most stressful ordeals the parents of a teen addict can face. Though many tend to try the intervention route there are others who know their teens and what works best for them. In cases like these parents usually bring teens to our facility with an [...]

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What is a good age to talk to your child about alcohol abuse?

In honor and with the culmination of Alcohol Awareness month in April, Inspirations for Youth and Families decided to tackle the big question many parents torture themselves about - “What is a good age to talk to your child about alcohol abuse?"  While the subject of alcohol abuse is over shadowed by drug abuse, many [...]

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11 tips to help the teen addict in your life

Addiction is a dangerous disease that is extremely difficult to watch unfold especially when it’s happening to your teen. Many parents of teen addicts tend to feel lost and unsure of what methods to take. Dealing with addicted teens is a sensitive subject that has no definite right or wrong answer because each teen, parent and [...]

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The stages of teenage addiction

As we may all know addiction occurs due to an array of differing factors and the sole cause of an addiction is near impossible to pin point. From genetics, biology, behavioral patterns to trauma and our surrounding environment the fact remains that many long term addicts begin this life style early on is a definitive [...]

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The role parents play in adolescent drug abuse

Parenting and teen drug abuse Within Inspirations for Youth and Families we help teens with an array of problems such as drug abuse, behavioral and mental issues. One common factor we’ve seen for our teens is their strained family relationships. We’ve helped many families get back to their way of living before drugs or other [...]

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What parents should know about teens and social media

Inspirations for Youth and Families owner Karen Corcoran-Walsh sat down with teenage blogger to gain her insight on back to school anxiety, peer pressure and also what parents should know about teens and social media. Being “popular” or “cool” still feels like it is one of the most important priorities you can have as a teen, even in today’s modern society. [...]

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Teenage student teaches parents about child marijuana abuse

If you want to know what really is going on in middle school regarding marijuana abuse, who better to ask than a fellow student. We invited Joselyn, a middle-school student to guest blog for us regarding child and teen marijuana abuse Why do kids or teens start using marijuana? By Joselyn Kids and Teens start [...]

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