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Brave Mom shares tragic story of her son’s opiate addiction

Son's opiate addiction hits home for this mom Anthony his mother and little brother. My name is Gina DeMaria. My son Anthony was 16 years when he broke his femur riding in a motocross race. Anthony was a great athlete in baseball, wrestling as well as football. His father and I were divorced so [...]

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Drug and street terms you may want to know: Dope Sick

Drug Term and Street term: Dope Sick To better inform everyone, we had a round table discussion with teens from Inspirations for Youth and Families about drug and street terms everyone may want to know. The definition below is based on collective information gathered from teens within our rehab and online research. Dope Sick (v.) [...]

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Drug addiction treatment helped me to find myself again

Katherine found yoga uplifting during her drug addiction treatment Inspirations Addiction Treatment At Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) we strive to treat teens suffering from drug addiction and other mental health issues. The profession calls this dual diagnosis. Our clients often report that since undergoing IYF's individualistic approach to drug addiction treatment, they have found a [...]

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