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Inspirations believed in me during my addiction recovery

"Well I made a couple bad choices on the way here. I pretty much self-sabotaged myself a lot. I could have succeeded if I just tried but I couldn't believe in myself. With all these people [Inspirations staff] telling me that I could be doing so much more with my life I really wanted to [...]

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IYF Quote: I had to stop my meth addiction or I would die

  “I was addicted to meth. I was smoking crystal meth every day and started stealing money from my family and friends. My behavior was always bad and my addiction was getting worse by the minute. I couldn’t live without it. After I robbed my neighbors for tools and money my mom decided I should [...]

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Inspirational Quote from teen in recovery

"My parents hated what was happening to me because I was getting out of hand." "My mom and dad wanted me to go to treatment and I also wanted to go myself. I wanted to go so I can change into a new person here at Inspirations." - Kyle D, another teen in recovery that [...]

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Inspirational Quote from recovering teen Blaize K.

"Inspirations has been a wonderful place for me to gather my thoughts and work through the issues that caused me to use drugs." "Here I receive the support I need for a complete recovery." - Blaize K, who is currently enrolled in our teen drug and alcohol addiction program. Here owner Karen Corcoran-Walsh tweets about Blaize [...]

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Parent Carla B. Inspirational Quote

"I first wanted to drop you a note to THANK YOU one more time! Alex had  absolutely NO issues transferring back to school! His guidance counselor saw the  transcripts and immediately said “This is exactly what I needed”. There was still  room for him on every school period so they placed him back in the [...]

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