High school

Top 10 Drugs Teen’s Abuse

Throughout the nation high school seniors are celebrating their graduations over the next few weeks. But what should be a joyous occasion can quickly turn into a nightmare for a teen and family if drug or alcohol use spirals out of control - as it often does during high school graduation. In a freshly minted [...]

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Drug Testing for HS athletes focuses on Vero Beach, Florida

As more and more high schools across the nation grapple with the decision whether or not to randomly drug test student athletes, Vero Beach High School in Indiana Hills County, Florida decided to punt on the decision rather than incorporate it as the law of the land at a recent Indian River County School District [...]

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Drug Use impact on School Grades

  Did you know that your brain develops until you reach the age of 25? Anything you do to disrupt this process-including drug use-will affect how your brain develops. During the brain's development stage, any type of change in the brain's wiring could affect the brain function. Drug use is one of the ways that [...]

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