Heroin addiction

New spin on the Mannequin Challenge shows the worst of heroin addiction

 New Mannequin Challenge sheds light on the worst parts of heroin addiction! https://youtu.be/T-C2aYDRj3s What is the Mannequin Challenge The mannequin challenge is a viral internet video trend where people remain frozen like mannequins while the camera pans through telling a story. This is usually while the popular song Black Beatles by Rae Sremmurd plays in [...]

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Why the City of East Liverpool releasing heroin overdose photo is wrong

This is the blurred version of the photo the City of Liverpool released. The following Op-Ed is by Dania Reynolds of Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF). I disagree with the City of East Liverpool's decision to release private photos of a heroin overdose involving a couple in a car with a baby in [...]

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Brave Mom shares tragic story of her son’s opiate addiction

Son's opiate addiction hits home for this mom Anthony his mother and little brother. My name is Gina DeMaria. My son Anthony was 16 years when he broke his femur riding in a motocross race. Anthony was a great athlete in baseball, wrestling as well as football. His father and I were divorced so [...]

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Dealers hooking kids and adults to heroin addiction

When 20-year-old Matt purchased white powder at a party, he was told it was crushed pain killers. The truth is, it was pure heroin. For four months, John's mother says he unknowingly snorted heroin before he realized what it was. John desperately tried to overcome his heroin addiction, but ended up tragically dying of an [...]

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