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Boss replaces stolen bike for teen in recovery

The transition of Spencer from his drug abuse up until his recovery. Inspirations have helped numerous teens overcome drug abuse and start a healthy addiction recovery journey. Every so often we have a teen who returns to give their thanks and spread their knowledge with teens who are in a place they once [...]

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Adolescent Substance Abuse Rehab helps Teen’s Plan for their Future

Teen substance abuse rehab Inspirations for Youth and Families helped our teens in treatment to plan for their future. With so many of our teens entering treatment at critical ages, such as 15-17, Inspirations reached out to the college prep and career guidance expert Mindy Sherman from Pathways 2 Work. Mindy's agency specializes in presentations and [...]

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Inspirations teens in rehab learn life lessons from a monk

At Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) we strive to educate our teens in rehab through traditional and unconventional forms. We believe in addition to being taught the standard educational information we seek to teach our teens important life lessons. These lessons are taught in a multitude of ways including guest speakers. Inspirations has had [...]

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Former IYF teen rehab client talks to our current teens

Jon is a former IYF teen rehab client who recently has reached out to us with the proposition of giving back. His goal was to hopefully inspire our teens of today to continue steering the sober course even when there are times in life that gets hard or unbearable. We accepted Jon’s offer to speak [...]

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