Everything you need to know about Molly Drug Abuse

The 411 on Molly Drug Abuse This is the first article in a three part Investigative Report on Molly Drug Abuse. Molly is a synthetic party drug that is hugely popular among teens and young adults. Inspirations for Youth and Families will share an interview with a teen about her Molly addiction and abuse. And the teen girl provides us [...]

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Drug and street terms you may want to know: Blue Dolphin

Drug and street term: Blue Dolphin To better inform everyone, we had a round table discussion with teens from Inspirations for Youth and Families about drug and street terms everyone may want to know. The definition below is based on collective information gathered from teens within our rehab and online research. Blue Dolphin (n.) (bloo [...]

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Have you heard of Flakka one of the newest synthetic drugs

When someone mentions “Flakka,” they may not necessarily be referring to the popular hip-hop artist - Waka Flocka Flame - if you are young enough to recognize him. But it is also highly possible that you will not have heard of the other Flakka, which has quickly emerged as one of the newest and dangerous [...]

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Ecstasy – Real Stories of Teens Like You

A real story from a kid not so different from you who have struggled with drug addictions. Read about how this teen life changed because of his involvement with drugs of abuse and the challenges he faced turning his life around. "E" is for Empty: Daniel's Story By Laura D'Angelo Adapted from Heads Up: Real [...]

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