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Karen Corcoran Walsh Dr. Phil Guest on Cliffhanging Episode

Why is Dr. Phil pointing at an Empty Chair? Dr. Phil pointing to an empty chair which symbolizes the theme of the show Karen Corcoran Walsh Dr. Phil Guest on Cliffhanging Episode Karen Corcoran Walsh took part on an unprecedented Dr. Phil episode on March 14th, 2017. While it wasn't Corcoran Walsh first time on [...]

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Did you know May is mental illness awareness month?

What is Mental Illness Awareness Month? Mental Health America (MHA) and its wide network of affiliates across the states have dubbed May as the month to spread the awareness of mental health to millions of people. Since 1949, they have reached millions through the media, local events and screenings. Their system of awareness encourages organizations [...]

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Dual Diagnosis in addiction treatment centers

The term dual diagnosis has been thrown around a lot in the addiction treatment world however, very few know what the term means. If you are researching treatment for yourself or a loved one then chances are you have came across this term. What is dual diagnosis? Dual diagnosis treatment is needed when someone is suffering [...]

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Mom spent 30 days searching for a teen drug rehab

Looking for a teen drug rehab can be very difficult for a parent. This was the case for one particular teen mom who said she spent one month looking for a teen addiction treatment center that could also help her teen with a co-occurring disorder which is commonly referred to as a dual diagnosis program. [...]

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A Word from our Teen Drug Rehab Clinical Director

At Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) teen drug rehab and teen alcohol rehab, our evidence-based treatment services have a proven track record of helping teens recover from not only drug and alcohol addiction, but also address the root causes of the problem with our highly effective and individualized co-occurring disorders therapy. IYF prides itself [...]

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