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Inspirations teen nutrition course Dreamsicle Smoothie recipe

Orange Dreamsicle Smoothie Teen Nutrition Course Recipe Inspirations for Youth and Families teen nutrition course is back and brings an immune system boosting recipe! Inspirations Orange Dreamsicle Smoothie  Our teen rehab Orange Dreamsicle  Smoothie boosts the immune system with a charge Vitamin C. Through our Inspirations nutrition course teens learn the benefits of keeping a [...]

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Four tips to help your teen stay sober for the New Year

The New Year as a former addict or alcoholic often brings its own set of challenges that parents should bear in mind. From being in a tempting atmosphere to repeatedly explain why they are refusing to participate in activities that will leave them under the influence. The New Year and its festivities often provide a [...]

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Drug Term and Street term: Lit

Drug Term and Street term: Lit To better inform everyone, we had a round table discussion with teens from Inspirations for Youth and Families about drug and street terms everyone may want to know. The definition below is based on collective information gathered from teens within our rehab and online research.   Lit (V) - [...]

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Teens in drug rehab program take a creative spin on short story

Inspirations drug rehab program Inspirations for Youth and Families has a premiere teen drug rehab program that is known especially for its unique take on education while in treatment. Unlike the run of the mill teen drug rehab program Inspirations offers schooling and education aid for its client in treatment. Along with their individualized treatment [...]

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