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The Power of Recreational Therapy in Drug Addiction Treatment

  Teens learn the importance of drug-free fun while at Inspirations. Are activities like going to the beach, horse back riding or attending music concerts really useful during drug addiction treatment? Are there actual benefits of recreational therapy in drug addiction treatment? “Recreational therapy is extremely important because it teaches our youth that they [...]

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Teens in Rehab create Stop Motion Animation Series

Our teens at Inspirations for Youth and Families have incorporated into our alternative therapy the act of drama as a form of therapeutic expression. Since its inception we’ve had numerous teens enjoy various roles within the theatrical arts. Teens have explored everything from plays and skits to comedic routines. As of late many of our [...]

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Drug rehab coping skill radical acceptance explained

In our recent blog about coping skills we've introduced  some of the techniques taught to our teens including an alternative form of coping called radical acceptance. This skill plays a vital part in helping our teens change their behaviors and way of thinking from negative to positive. Here is a short of teens on radical acceptance: [...]

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Why outpatient services may not be a good first choice for addiction?

For parents seeking addiction treatment for their teens outpatient services may not be your immediate answer. Treating addiction is a serious matter that needs their undivided attention and determination. If you are looking to end your teen's addiction the best step would be to find an in-patient or residential treatment center. What is outpatient care? Outpatient care [...]

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