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Teen shares how Inspirations brought forth his other talents through alternative therapy

Ben acting in the production "Demon Boy". Our Inspirations podcast hosted by Educational Director, Denise Achee and Inspirations' Creative Expressions Coordinator, Donovan Ortega is back! This week they take a look at a teen who was told he fits into a certain mold or stereotype all his life. However, upon entering Inspirations treatment and alternative therapy Ben [...]

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Inspirations Launches a Drama Therapy Youtube Channel

Inspirations Drama Therapy Inspirations Arts is a program that has been in development for the last year. What stared as an experiment in art therapy lead to a new program. A program with the intention of fostering a vibrant community of young, motivated creators. "It can be challenging to get teenagers with drastically different backgrounds and skill [...]

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Teen drug rehab center holds a Holiday Extravaganza!

With Christmas a few days away Inspirations for Youth and Families held a Holiday Extravaganza to celebrate this very festive time of year! We invited client’s of our sister drug rehab center The Cove Center for Recovery and staff from both drug rehab centers to enjoy the joyous season. Our teens put a lot of [...]

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IYF teens create a drama therapy series!

Our teens at Inspirations for Youth and Families are at it again! During a session of drama therapy the teens created a new series titled Good Angel, Bad Angel.  This series shows our teens expressing opposing sides of an argument. Although some of these arguments may appear simple in nature they reflect the internal struggle [...]

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Inspirations drama therapy creates spoof on fruit and music

In addiction treatment there are many forms of alternative therapies that have been proven to help clients. Drama therapy is one of our newly introduced alternative forms of therapy we now offer to our teens. These alternative forms of therapy help us to gain proper incite on the mental health of our clients. Drama Therapy [...]

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