Art Therapy

Teens sign on to Drug Addiction Art Therapy Project

  Before Karen Corcoran Walsh was a lightning rod in the teen recovery profession as the owner of Inspirations for Youth and Families - the premier teen addiction treatment center - she was a school teacher. Karen is living proof that you can't take the school teacher out of the addiction professional. Recently, Karen dusted [...]

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Teen rehab talent show teaches Life Skills

Inspirations teen rehab helps teens cultivate more than talent! Teens Gabriel and Julianna performing a song showing true teamwork! Our bi-annual talent show is back and this time our teen rehab did things differently! In honor of our employee appreciation event, our teens put on a show centered around giving back and showing [...]

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Teen shares how Inspirations brought forth his other talents through alternative therapy

Ben acting in the production "Demon Boy". Our Inspirations podcast hosted by Educational Director, Denise Achee and Inspirations' Creative Expressions Coordinator, Donovan Ortega is back! This week they take a look at a teen who was told he fits into a certain mold or stereotype all his life. However, upon entering Inspirations treatment and alternative therapy Ben [...]

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Inspirations holds Third Annual Stomp Out Bullying Rally

Every year Inspirations participates in supporting Stomp Out Bullying to raise awareness among teens about the true effects of bullying.                                       Our girls after the stomp out bullying talent show. Finally,October is here and it's that [...]

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Drama in addiction therapy at it’s best!

Your favorite teens in rehab are back for another talent show The welcome banner created by our teens. We took our bi-annual Inspirations Arts talent show to a new level! This very special take on the talent show was brought to you by the teens in our Inspirations Drama, Music, and Art program. [...]

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See stunning art therapy projects created without a paint brush

Open Your Eyes created by Alyssa, Molly & Kristen At Inspirations for Youth and Families we took art therapy to another level by challenging our teens to create art without using paint brushes! With the parameters set our teens took this challenge head on and began creating their pieces from other items such as [...]

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Inspirations teen rehab welcomes another musical prodigy

At Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) teen rehab we encourage our clients to participate in productive hobbies or learn a skill. With this in mind many of our teens opt for our music therapy sessions. During music therapy our teens get the opportunity to express themselves in a productive and healthy manner. Some of [...]

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Recreational therapy drug rehab decorates Christmas tree

  With Christmas being a week away our teens at Inspirations drug rehab were in the holiday spirit and decorated ornaments for our Inspirations for Youth and Families Christmas tree. The holidays tend to be a very melancholy time for those in treatment especially teens. However, Inspirations for Youth and Families had a great day of festive [...]

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IYF teens in recovery create awesome watercolor painting

As we all know art is a very important form of expression and a vital form of therapy for our teens in recovery. Our teens created some awesome art work that reflects their inner thoughts, passions and emotions. This time around we decided to have some of our teens paint with water colors. Water Color [...]

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Gary’s Final Song at Inspirations teen rehab

Last week we said goodbye Gary another one of our talented teens at Inspirations teen rehab. Many of you may have seen our client from our numerous talent shows and even his awesome presentation of Gary’s House of Fashion. Gary is known to be a very lively and supportive teen during his stay here, and [...]

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